Q: Will the paint last on my shoes?

A: The paint used is waterproof. But these items are hand painted so with wear and tear paint can flake and peel off. 

Q: How long does it take to make my shoes?

A: Processing time can take up to two weeks depending on design and complexity. 

Q: What does your price include?

A: The price includes the shoes, design, and labor.

Q: What if I want to return my product?

A: No custom products can be returned. Any TMS merchandise can exchanged for a new size or store credit. But item must be unworn and in original packaging.

Q: Will I get to see my design before you start?

A: Some Custom orders will come with a free preview. Reworks, stitched and beaded are hard to make previews of. 

Q: Why don’t you paint on leather shoes (Air Force)?

A: I personally don’t like painting on leather shoes due to the fact the paint isn’t guaranteed to last. Due to the leather being processed there is nothing for the paint to hold onto versus suede and raw leather.